Property & Casualty Risk Management


Risk Managers and Financial Officers are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of services being provided by the major insurance brokers and other third party providers. Too often services are collateral to the sale of insurance products instead of being tailored to drive down the enterprise’s cost of risk. In addition, Fortune 1000 companies continue to minimize corporate overhead to improve profitability, resulting in risk management departments having to reduce headcount, adversely impacting their ability to maintain the same level of services to customers while adequately protecting the organization.
As a Partner Firm of Hanover Stone Partners, LLC, benefitsContinuum can fill an unmet need in the marketplace in response to these two market dynamics.  Hanover Stone Partners brings together experienced, recognized and accomplished risk management advisors and specialized risk management services firms to help clients reduce the cost and volatility of risk. Hanover Stone Partners assembles multi-disciplinary, cross-industry teams that work collaboratively to help clients identify, analyze, manage and finance enterprise risks. This comprehensive approach offers clients the advantage of superior risk management advice and risk management services, delivered more economically. Hanover Stone Partners evaluates existing risk programs, guides enterprise risk management initiatives, implements new strategies, and provides unbundled services that help clients reduce the total cost and volatility of risk, protect earnings, and preserve liquidity for their enterprises.