Actuarial Consulting


A more dynamic workforce, global competition, and legislative changes are creating both new demands and opportunities for employers. At benefitsContinuum, we listen closely to each company’s goals for providing security and attractive rewards for their employees and help our clients explore the full range of options available to achieve them. Our lead consultants are all well versed in Health and Welfare Underwriting techniques and applications. We also know that in rare circumstances the need for Actuarial Attestation is required and for these specific circumstances we leverage our strategic partnership with Milliman. Our actuarial consulting services consists of six separate disciplines

  • Proactively evaluate client plans and funding policies to identify any problems
  • Forecast each plan’s financial needs
  • Assist clients in meeting IRS and HHS reporting requirements
  • Provide clients with information required for financial accounting
  • Inform clients of legislative and industry changes
  • Clearly communicate plan details to decision-makers and employees using concise, comprehensible language; visual representations; and real-world examples