Bright Choices Exchange Partnership

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Bright Choices Exchange Partnership

Through Bright Choices, employees buy benefits online that fit their individual needs using money allocated by their employer. Bright Choices has saved employers millions of dollars while expanding employee choice and coverage. With Bright Choices, employees get access to an array of benefit choices that is superior to what even Fortune-500 companies offer, including a variety of health care plans, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. The Bright Choices Exchange educates employees about coverage options and guides them with decision-support technology to make smarter and more economical benefits selections. By creating transparency and choice in the benefits market, the Bright Choices Exchange has created “a better way to buy benefits.”

o Employees are more satisfied because they get the specific coverage they need and become more actively involved in their health care decisions

o Employers save money and gain control over ever-rising insurance premiums


Liazon, the company that operates The Bright Choices Exchange, partners nationwide with the leading insurance and financial services companies to offer a broad range of cost-effective benefit options. Over 2,000 customers with tens of thousands of employees are getting their benefits through Bright Choices.

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